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"New Road Home" is Almost Here!

Hello music lovers!

I hope you'll come celebrate its launch with us on Sunday, March 17th, at a special afternoon house concert.

The manufacturer is pressing the CDs as I type! We will have them in hand for you to purchase at the house concert.

I'm happy to be sharing these new songs with the world. We truly hope to see you here on the 17th!


Poster Design: Andrea Sparacio, Monica Passin


My Christmas Eve Solo on CBS 

It was an honor to sing the last solo with my choir in the Christmas Eve Special, "A Bold New Love: Christmas Eve with Middle Collegiate Church," which aired on CBS on December 24, 2018.

Check it out here!


"Lady Liberty" Out Today!

Hello Music Lovers,

Happy Holiday Greetings to you!

Today, I'm releasing a new track from my upcoming album "New Road Home."

The song is called "Lady Liberty," and you can download it here:




Stream it on Spotify:

Please also check out Lady Liberty music video (from Johnny Jake!) on YouTube:

I'm releasing the song early because its message dovetails with an upcoming special musical event.

I've been singing with Middle Collegiate Church Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir (MCJJGC) in New York City for close to six years.

This year, CBS will air a Christmas Eve service of Middle Church and MCJJGC to be aired nationwide on December 24th at 11:30pm. I have the honor of singing the solo on the classic James Cleveland gospel standard "Long As I Got King Jesus."  (I'll share more details about the television program when I get them!)

I feel so free when I sing a big gospel song like King Jesus. It seemed fitting to release Lady Liberty to share at this time as well.


The lyrics for "Lady Liberty" focus on the symbolism of the iconic statue with emphasis on the Emma Lazarus poem "The New Colossus," which is inscribed on the statue's pedestal.

The poem's most famous lines:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Lady Liberty is a much-admired and respected American monument. Droves of people visit NYC every year to visit it. People whose ancestors came through Ellis Island explain to their children, "This is what your great-grandparents first gazed upon when they came to this country."

We are very aware of Lady Liberty and her presence in our culture, but are we aware of what she represents as an American institution?

By standing proud in the New York Harbor with her torch eternally lit, guiding the way home to hundreds of thousands, Lady Liberty has spread a message of hope and inclusivity to immigrants from all over the world for over 150 years.

Is her message still relevant?

If we say we will support her, does it mean we will support the economy by purchasing posters and foam crowns?

Or does it mean we will support her gracious message to embrace immigrants looking for a better life in America?

This is the first protest song I have written, and it needed help being born. This song best represents what I've been learning as an active member at Middle Collegiate Church. I feel I have the freedom to express my faith in God through community activism when I sing in gospel choir.

I wanted to give Lady Liberty a voice so that she could do the same.

I would love to hear from you,


"New Road Home," my third solo album, is due for release on February 14, 2019. Join my mailing list to get all the details!

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Check out the Lady Liberty music video on You Tube:


Merry Christmas to You, Now on iTunes!

Hello Music Lover!

'Tis the season for festive music! This year, I’m officially launching my song "Merry Christmas To You" as a downloadable single on:
and other fine online purveyors of music.

To celebrate, I’m also launching its official music video on YouTube:

A bit about this song: We recorded "Merry Christmas To You" back in the summer of 2012. It was really fun to record the song with some first rate musician friends: Ann Klein, Tomek Miernowski, and Dave Scalia.

I wanted to write a Christmas song that invoked the spirit of the holiday without it being too religious, so people of varying faiths might be able to relate to it, too. The song focuses on the generosity and playfulness of the season, giving a suggestion of magic or even miracles.

I’ve long wanted to create a music video featuring vintage cartoon animal imagery to communicate the energy of these warm community gatherings filled with peace, love, and harmony at Christmastime. But my search for an animator to convey this imagery kept hitting a dead end.

Then, my talented musician friend Johnny Jake posted online a few music videos that he had created. I asked if he might be able to help me with this project and he said yes! He was brilliant!

We hope you enjoy it and that you will share this friendly video with people in your family who may be entertained by its charm.

And just in time for the new video, Women of Substance Radio is featuring "Merry Christmas To You" on episode #888 (an auspicious number!) on Friday, November 30th.

Find the podcast on iTunes:


or YouTube:

Finally, we are in the final stages of completing work on "New Road Home"! The album will be released in early 2019 on CD and digital.

We have chosen one track from the album to be released early.
The song, "Lady Liberty," holds a message of American history and current events, as perceived by Lady Liberty herself. This will be Johnny Jake’s second music video collaboration with my music. Hubby Mike got recruited to do some filming for the video, down in Battery Park! It’s a family affair.

Watch this space in December for "Lady Liberty"!

That’s it for now!
Sending many warm wishes of love and sweet times with those who are dear to you,

"Hard Times, Troubled Minds" Playlist on Spotify

Greetings Music Lover,

Maybe it is the changing season that has gotten me thinking about two things: how quickly time can sneak up on us and how easily our circumstances can change.

With that in mind, I have put together a Spotify playlist entitled "Hard Times, Troubled Mind" for your Halloween week!

Songwriters often write about difficult themes, probably because pretty much everyone can relate to songs like that. At some point, most everyone will have to face challenges and burdens that are too hard to bear alone.

The musicians who wrote, played, and sang the songs on "Hard Times, Troubled Mind" touch on some of life’s biggest challenges: lost love, divorce, homelessness, systemic poverty, addiction, family troubles. Their beautiful melodies, chord changes, and lyrics make even the most downtrodden message fill up our minds and hearts. Rather than leave us feeling overwhelmed and isolated, these songs somehow give room for empathy or insight or an encouraging reminder of not being alone.

The "Hard Times, Troubled Mind" playlist was also inspired by a troubled song I made up a few years ago, called, Bet on The Horses, which will be on my “New Road Home” record (release date early 2019). In the song, a desperate woman escapes a domestic dispute but ends up accidentally shooting her lover with the gun he was threatening her with. She knows it doesn’t look good. She knows that what she has done will not hold up well in a court of law but she did what she had to, to survive.

However small, along with the inevitable guilty verdict, this fictional murder ballad does offer the girl a glimmer of hope and for a short amount of remaining time, that glimmer of hope is her silver lining. That is where she can dwell; in the fast fleeting, present moment, where she can spend the afternoon at the racetrack with her dearest brother and bet on the gray. . .

I do hope you enjoy these songs. Please let me know what you think of the lineup.

Happy Halloween!

Be safe out there!