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Through careful vocal exercises and posture observation, I guide you to access breath and body awareness, which results in a more consistent, satisfying and individual vocal tone.



The gift of song is one we should never take for granted. Singing is an ancient and organic form of communication. It allows us to express what is in our hearts: the good, the bad, and the out of tune! As the yogis remind us, “Breath is Life.” Regardless of your experience with professional or social singing, we can help you reach your vocal goals.

The Mechanics of the Voice:

  • Singing is a direct line to the cardiovascular system, an aerobic workout aligned with our lungs, heart, diaphragm and circulatory system.
  • The voice is a strong muscular instrument regulated by the oxygen we breathe, which promotes the release of endorphins in our brains.
  • Endorphins are associated with stress reduction, well-being and a sense of physical satisfaction.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • Dissolve tension and discover your optimum vocal flow
  • Understand and integrate the Four Vocal Disciplines:
    • Hydration
    • Nutrition
    • Instructed Practice
    • Appropriate Rest
  • Develop a safe warm-up that can be the foundation for a lifelong practice
  • Convey lyrical meaning and manifest the mystical connection between vocalist and audience



Deborah Berg is a New York City-based performing songwriter and teacher whose clear, strong voice and seamless lyrics characterize her 30 year musical career.

She has taught songwriting workshops in the United States and in England and has recorded five CDs, including two albums with Warner Brothers. Deborah has published and written over 50 original songs.

She is proud to be an official Martin Guitar and Sennheiser endorsed artist.

Before her music career, Deborah studied and performed various dance forms, including ballet, modern dance, and Contact Improvisation.



Initial one hour and fifteen minute lesson - $85.

All subsequent one hour lessons, with vocal warm-up and piano-accompanied song coaching: $75.

Student and senior rates available upon request.



Including scheduling, price, and any other questions, contact Jennifer at