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Changing Seasons, New Music!

Greetings Music Friends,

I have a little news to report from many parts of my musical life!

In Deborah Berg news - 

We are nearing completion of my brand spanking new solo record entitled New Road Home. This will be my third, following Places Where I Dream and No Rush

This collection of songs is a more pared down style, mostly live recording, very few overdubs, and I am playing all guitar parts.  I play mandolin on a couple of the songs as well.

I love my musician mates.  More details on all of them in a later post!

My illustrious producer, Ken Rich and I are mixing at Grand Street Studio throughout this month to have ready all the songs to be mastered.

On Friday, November 2nd I will meet with Greg Calbi from Sterling Sound to complete the process with my 10 new songs. From there, it’s on to the manufacturer to be made ready for an early 2019 release date. I toyed with the idea of pressing vinyl this time but after thoughtful consideration, I have decided back off that idea. Instead, we will offer digital downloads and those relics from the past, the CD. We are also working on creating simple music videos for your viewing pleasure on my Deborah Berg YouTube channel.

I am so looking forward to sharing these new songs with you in early 2019.

Watch this space!

In Teaching News-

In NYC, the Singin’ Seniors are at it again at Lenox Hill Senior Center. Our class is a lively, positive singing group of enthusiastic seniors, interested in singing big and having a good time. Some of our songs this session are:  Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Strangers in the Night, Hey Baby, and Try to Remember! A December 7th recital is in the books, which we will be sending a reminder out for anyone interested in coming down.

In Eye to Eye news-

Recently, Neta Weisman, a musician from Israel, let Julian and I know that he had recorded a cover version of our very first recorded single, Am I Normal?  He said he’s loved the song since he saw our live performance on the television show, Top Pop in Amsterdam back in 1980! His version features vocals by Elinor Fireman in a very faithful homage to my original vocal performance. Their recording is now out in the world, on Spotify and YouTube

Back to London, 1980, where it all began!

Recording Am I Normal? in London was a blast. We recorded the song at Basing Street Studios with Rhett Davies producing and Jon Kelly engineering. 

The players were Julian on keyboards, Gary Twigg on bass, Jeff Seopardie on drums, and of course, me singing lead vocals. No guitars or backing vocals on the song. 

So simple!

...Comes alive...Driving auto fast...Exhaust-a-vent...

...Loves to drive...Shifts away from that what’s got her pent...

We were between record companies (that sounds so awesome)--Automatic Records, our London record company, had recently passed our contract on to our United States record company, Warner Brothers.  We were about to move to L.A. to begin our first record with Gary Katz producing.

Of course, we now wish we had been taking numerous photographs of those awesome moments but alas, no one was snapping pics. We were just young musicians, working hard, trying to find the pocket and deliver the goods! We do remember going to Manna, a vegetarian restaurant in Primrose Hill in London after the recording. And guess what?  It’s still there!  All hail the longevity of vegetarians (or at least their restaurants)!

Enjoy the changing seasons, whether you experience them literally or figuratively!


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