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The Band Camp Diaries

The Band Camp Diaries

Deborah Berg combines beautifully emotional lyrics with tasteful melodies and lush arrangements, where every song matters.

The New York songstress set out to bring the timeless sound of country and bluegrass to the big city, and as a result, her music has a really one-of-a-kind flavor. From the warmth of traditional melodies to the sonic depths of modern songwriting, anything goes.

On her most recent release, “New Road Home,” Deborah set out to gift listeners with some astonishing performances, as well as with some delicate songs that tell powerful stories, inspired by the ageless tradition of the best bluegrass music out there. Much like the best folk music, Deborah’s tunes are all about sharing, telling, and expressing. This is music from people, to people, and the convivial spirit it creates s absolutely astonishing. This tastefully produced record will inspire any fan of the genre.

Find out more about Deborah Berg, and listen to “New Road Home, which is currently available on the web: