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Deborah in Cuba

On March 28th, Deborah Berg will travel to Cuba with the Great Museums team to celebrate the Cuban premiere of the one-hour special "Great Museums of Havana: Curious About Cuba," narrated by Mariel Hemingway.

Local television executives will interview producer Marc Doyle and Deborah for a pre-show feature about the making of the episode and highlighting some of Cuba's most exquisite museums. Deborah will also visit with Cuban artists and musicians to explore the musical traditions of Cuba.

In fall 2008, Great Museums presented a one-hour special episode dedicated to the Great Museums of Cuba, introducing a place unfamiliar to many U.S. viewers. The island is home to museums dedicated to the many facets of Cuba's 500-year history- fine arts, cars, cigars, rum and revolution.

Outside these museum walls are stunning public works projects focusing on cultural preservation and the restoration of Old Havana City's ancient public streets, squares, and majestic architectural structures. This living history is now being meticulously restored and transformed into apartments, schools, cafes and markets for its citizens.

You can watch the full Great Museums episode here, via Hulu:

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